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Raccolta olive

Hi, I'm Matteo Baldeschi.


I am a young farmer, and if you come to Piratello you will see me driving my tractors to work in the surrounding fields.


My family and I manage the Piratello and another farmhouse called La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra, always in the same village . We also have a company that produces extra virgin olive oil and other products from the land.


But my preference is the extra virgin olive oil obtained with our trees. It will be a pleasure to let you taste it.



When the weather allows me, I put my canoe on the roof of my car and I go to throw myself into the rivers! My family and I are generally passionate about sports, from canoeing to trekking, from running to cycling.


We will be happy to share our lifestyle with those who will like it!

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Very close to Piratello, La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra our farmhouse with an old barn where to celebrate your event.

Celebrate your event in our old barn

La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra offers its own venue to celebrate your event.